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Day trip to the Alpujarra mountainous region

Are you tired of the noisy busy city? The charming white villages of the Alpujarras will give that breath of fresh air you need. At the feet of the Sierra Nevada mountains, these villages will showcas

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The Sierra Nevada Mountain range is the highest point of Iberian Peninsula at a towering 3479 m. Mulhacen is the highest peak of Sierra Nevada was named after the infamous Nasrid King, Mulhacen or Mulay Hacen.

Surrounding the Sierra Nevada is Las Alpujarras, a mountainous region around 2000 m high. It lies South-East of Granada and occupies both a part of the province of Granada and Almería. Situated between the fertile plains of Granada and the flat coastal area of Almería, the Alpujarras was given its name by the first Muslim colonisers of the area, it comes from the arabic al Busherat meaning "the grass-land", but many linguistic experts believe it may mean "dawn mountains".

It is famous for it`s characteristic landscape, made up of small white villages embedded in the mountain-side. Typically the houses have earthen, flat-roofed houses, slate chimneys and their small terraces are cut into the mountain-side for farming.

The important Muslim heritage here is part of the final period of Al Andalus. After the fall of the Nasrid Kingdom in 1492 AD, a great part of the population of Granada retreated to the Alpujarras. The last Nasrid King, Boabdil, chose to live in the Alpuajarras before going into exile.

This region was characterised in the Middle Ages by it`s relative independance and difficult access, making it almost impossible to unseat established rulers, within Al Andalus as well as during the final conflict between Muslims and Christians. This generated many revolts and uprisings that were not to end intil the final banishment of the Moriscos in 1610 AD. Perhaps the most significant was the Morisco revolt of 1570.

These mountains are full of the remains that tell of their rebelliousness: watchtowers, castles and fortresses. Under the Nasrids, the adminsitration divided the region into taas, something like municipalities that lasted after the Christian conquest and is still in use today (taha).

Eight centuries of Muslim presence may still be observed in the most genuine traditions in the Alpujarras: village fountains, irrigation ditches and underground channels; ceramics, pottery, grass weaving and rag carpets; pastries, the cultivation of the white mulberry trees, (essential for the silk production) olive trees and fig trees. It`s fertile land and miscro-cosm makes this area is a green haven all year long.

The Andalusí presence has shaped the landscape of the Alpujarras in a particular fashion, as seen in the use of water and its adaptation to farming methods on steep slopes. The development of orchards and vegetable gardens reached its peak in the time of the Muslims and the Moriscos. The banishment of the Muslims and the subsequent repopulation with Christian inhabitants had negative consecuences: considerable deforestation and the extension of unirrigated cereal crops. Little by little, irrigation by terrace, which is better adapted to specific rural environments, started to make its comeback in the 18th century.

Across the Alpujarras it is possoble to recontruct the Andalusí world or at least the complete the multiple record that refers to the Muslim presence which had market the area for centuries.

The Alpujarras regions reaches the Mediterranean coastline, streaching between the villages of Salobreña in the province of Granada and Adra in Almería.

Highlights of Alpujarra:

Lanjarón, Pamapaneira, Bubión & Capileira

Nature, tradition, white villages, emblematic, charming place...This is one of the most peaceful places in Spain and you will love the panoramic sites from the mountain top.

Tour includes: Transport, official local guide & tapa taste.

Approximate duration 7 hours

This tour requires a minimum of 2 people per day to operate. In the case that the minimum number of participants is not reached, your reservation can be modified or canceled.

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